3G HSPA Transceivers

ACP’s 3G Leadership

Since the inception of third generation (3G) cellular communications, ACP has been on the innovation forefront of RF CMOS transceivers catering to the globally deployed WCDMA and the Chinese TD-SCDMA. On the one hand, ACP’s multi-band WCDMA RF CMOS transceiver, known as ACP201, was the first in the industry that disposed of inter-stage SAW filters to shield the sensitive receiver from the power and noise of the transmitter, enabling an unprecedented low PCB footprint. On the other hand, ACP’s first TD-SCDMA RF CMOS transceiver, known as ACP205, transformed the nascent Chinese 3G market in 2009 by integrating the receiver, transmitter, and the analog baseband circuits in a single chip, while exceling in the dreaded inter-frequency transmit-receive switching. ACP201’s and ACP205’s enabling technologies can be found in today’s successor transceivers by ACP.

2G/3G as 4G Safety Net

WCDMA and TD-SCDMA continue to evolve as HSPA+ and TD-HSPA, respectively. Meanwhile, dual-cell HSPA (DC-HSDPA) — WCDMA’s carrier aggregation technology — has been deployed commercially around the globe. Not least in areas that also enjoy 4G coverage, 2G and 3G technologies are delivering ubiquitous, robust voice, securing connections also in harsh conditions. Recognizing that 2G/3G is a vital fallback to LTE, mainly for voice but also for data, all of ACP’s 4G mobile broadband RF transceivers remain fully compliant to 3G, and most of them to 2G. HSPA+ and LTE carrier aggregation is addressed by a common RF transceiver lineup.

Product Highlight: Dual-Mode GGE/TD-HSPA RF Transceiver

IRIS304 ACP’s IRIS304 marks another leap towards high integration and low cost for dual-mode GSM/GPRS/EDGE and TD-SCDMA/HSPA platforms. It has been the first in the industry to require neither receive nor transmit SAW filters in TD-SCDMA mode and comes in a 5×5 mm BGA package. Modules and mobile phones for GGE/TD-HSPA incorporating IRIS304 enjoy a two-fold premium in terms of PCB footprint.

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