Cellular IoT Transceivers

The Promise of IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) holds the promise of abundant smart and connected “things”, enabling revolutionary applications in the domains indicated above. As smart things are emerging, the number of wireless connections is expected go through a massive swell in the coming years. The characteristics of connections for IoT, however, are in striking contrast to those for mobile broadband. While mobile broadband heads towards higher throughput by increasing the complexity, for example by the introduction of MIMO and carrier aggregation, IoT applications tend to require a lower throughput at a decreased duty cycle. This characteristic can be exploited to reduce the complexity of the modem, thereby enhancing battery life, extending coverage, and reducing cost. Throughput can be traded gradually against reduced complexity and hence, distinct 3GPP technologies — all benefiting from an established eco-system — cater to different IoT applications.


Product Highlight: IoT RF Transceiver

IRIS404 ACP’s IRIS404 is a cost-efficient and energy-conscious, yet versatile digital-interface RF transceiver for LTE MTC (machine-type communications), eMTC, and NB-IoT (narrow-band IoT), housed in a 6×6 mm BGA package. Beyond LTE Rel-13 category 1bis, M1, and NB1/2, it is also an enabler of low-cost WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, and GSM/EC-GSM-IoT platforms.

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